Bayside Health and Wellness VISION

At Bayside Health & Wellness we believe that being healthy is an active, dynamic process that requires professional direction, effort and motivation.  Minimizing risk factors, staying active and eating nutritious foods are integral in fending off disease and living a long fulfilling life.  Athletes from beginners to seasoned professionals all have coaches to guide, teach, motivate and inspire them in an effort to be the best at what they do.  Even the most disciplined need encouragement and guidance at times.  We believe that health is no different.  The practitioners at Bayside identify your health goals, evaluate your habits and lifestyle then provide feedback and a plan to align your lifestyle with your goals.  We will encourage you to follow the plan and we will help you get back on track when you deviate off course. Read More
Fall Check Up Time
This can be a particularly uncomfortable time for many. The combination of several months of activities, putting off the Chiropractic visit till your schedule frees up and being back into the regular office routine can all lead to an uncomfortable low back.